Surfing in Nusa Lembongan and their surf breaks

Nusa Lembongan or Lembongan island is 20km off Bali’s East Coast and just an hours cruise across the Badung Strait. It’s a small island with a population of less than 4,000 friendly locals – the water is crystal clear which makes for excellent diving and snorkelling, and with fewer visitors than the main areas of Bali, surfers can enjoy a less crowded surf at the breaks on Lembongan.

Find some surf with your favorite wave in Lembongan island. If staying at the places in the cliff overlooking the break, it’s a short (5 min) paddle out to this spot. Follow the rope leading out, it makes it easier to guage the channel! Paddle around the right, if you try to paddle acroos the left and then around, your arms will give up on you before you start.

Lembongan island has a tropical climate being just located below the equator. Temperatures average around 30’C all year round.

The Weather
The wet season occurs October to March, and as with all tropical climates the humidity at this time can be oppresive. The dry season occurs from April to September, with less humid conditions and sunnier weather. This is usually the most popular time to travel to Bali.

Most rainfall in Lembongan island will occur during the wet season, but downpours are typical and can occur at anytime, usually not lasting too long.

What to Bring
Some people will want fresh clothes each day, but most will live in the same pair of boardies for the entire trip!  The below is a guide designed to help and maximise your enjoyment.  A handy hint is also to split your clothes and gear between your board bag and your check in luggage in case one gets lost.  Remember not to put sharp objects in your hand luggage!

  • PASSPORT!!!  Make sure it has at least 6 months validity or you won’t be allowed on the plane
  • 2-3 boards for a variety of waves & it’ll see you through any breakages!  If you are only taking one board due to doing other stuff… best take the semi-gun
  • A quality board bag is worth the expense
  • At least two spare leggies & a big-wave one (3 metres plus)
  • Spare set of fins
  • Heaps of tropical wax and a wax comb
  • Ding repair kit
  • Good hat, sunscreen with plenty of SPF and/or zinc cream
  • Sunnies – go the polarized option – you won’t look back!
  • At least 2 pairs of boardies
  • A pair of long pants (light cotton if it’s going to be warm) and a shirt with long sleeves
  • A couple of T-shirts
  • Shoes &/or thongs
  • Towel
  • Rashy
  • Booties, and to save asking the boat captain or looking stupid with cut up feet – wear them!
  • Personal toiletries – you know what you need
  • Tropical insect repellant
  • Go Pro and/or Camera
  • Books & travel games
  • First Aid Kit

There are 4 main Surf Breaks in Nusa Lembongan

  1. Shipwrecks – a fun, workable right that breaks on the mid to high tide.
  2. Lacerations – A high speed, hollow right barrel.
  3. Playgrounds – a mellow left and right peak that provides a wave when the swell is small and the tide is low.
  4. Ceningan – a rarely surfed left off the temple on Nusa Ceningan that is surfed when the swell is small and the winds light.

Another tips to enjoy your surfing in Lembongan Island is making friends with local surfer and respect locals.


photo by snoady 15 for lembongan surf team

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    Posted by Jason mildenhall| June 19, 2019 |Reply

    Going to surf for 6 days . Can you recomend accomodation and if you want to get a boat out to shipwrecks how much and where from .

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