The only realistic way to reach Nusa Lembongan from Bali only 30 minutes by boat. There are several options according to budget and speed.  Come directly to Sanur beach and buy ticket to Lembongan island with fast boat or book your ticket online here (pick up service include)

There are many accommodation available on the island that suitable for your budget. Most backpacker will find many option of accommodation in Jungutbatu village.

Water activities is most popular attraction on the island, you can do snorkeling, diving or just swimming in the beach. Exploring the island with pick up truck or ride scooter also another way to enjoy your holiday.

Only one small hospital or Puskesmar (Community Health Centre) in Jungutbatu village. If there are severe injuries, the patient need to go to Bali for better health treatment. Travel insurance is a must.

You will find many local warung, restaurant or bar in the island. Asian to western food and street food to expensive restaurant you can choose.

Only 1 ATM machine available in the island. You can withdraw your money with Visa or Mastercard. Since only 1 ATM machine provide sometime the machine was out of cash. Bring enough cash will be great, some hotel & restaurant now already accept credit card payment.

Money changer also you can find around the island but the currency might be not good as in Bali