Lembongan Island famous surf breaks

Nusa Lembongan was first opened up as a tourist destination by surfers, and it has long been an established part of the Bali surf circuit.

Lembongan island surf breaks which is Playgrounds, Lacerations, Shipwrecks and Ceningans. all close offshore and reached via an energetic paddle from the beach, or in a more leisurely fashion, by a local boat (perahu) which can be chartered from the nearest beach.


If staying at the places in the cliff overlooking the break, it’s a short (5 min) paddle out to this spot. Follow the rope leading out, it makes it easier to guage the channel! Paddle around the right, if you try to paddle acroos the left and then around, your arms will give up on you before you start.


Hard core right with excellent, wide open tube time on offer as the tide floods the sharp, shallow reef. It’s a pitching, air-drop entry from the peak into a straight barrel section then a further sucky bowl as it approaches the channel marked by floating mooring lines that litter the bay.

Not easy, not long and not empty but it’s more challenging than neighbours Shipwrecks and Playgrounds. Occasionally the lefts are makeable and there are a few more, hollow, ridiculously shallow sections of reef nearby.

A sheltered reef break that has inconsistent surf. May-Oct (Dry Season) is the optimum time of year for waves. Works best in offshore winds from the east southeast. Most of the surf here comes from groundswells and the best swell direction is from the southwest. A right hand reef break. Best around high tide. A popular wave that can get growded.


Walk up beach from drop-off, chose surf-style with view of the ocean. Sit back and enjoy. Can appear flat during low tide, suddenly grows with incoming tide to be very awesome. Short, intense ride, fairly safe, although can be shallow on the far inside. Easy tube, and right-hander makes it popular.


Off the SW tip of the barely populated Ceningan island is a lefthander that lines up rolling walls with a nice steep pocket and predictable sections. Some protection from the trades but it can get messy with currents and deepwater channel affecting the swell.

Good small swell, low tide option when Lembongan isn?t working, it gets powerful and sketchy when the swell jumps. Best accessed by boat, although there is a few ways down the cave-pocked cliffs, but it’s only sometimes crowded. Locals say it is sharky.


photo by snoady 15 for lembongan surf team

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