Nusa Penida Festival 2017 Bali, Indonesia

Nusa Penida Festival 2017 will be established with the tagline “The Blue Paradise Island”. This year’s Nusa Penida Festival will be held on 6- 9 December 2017 for the 4th time. It will eventually drive & empower Nusa Penida as a potential tourist destination that remain based on art, culture and nature.

Unlike last year event that held in Ped Village, Nusa Penida Island, this year it will be centered in Mahagiri Beach, Jungutbatu Nusa Lembongan Village.  In addition for the regular programs, there will definitely be new ones that will bring differences. It’s obvious that aside from it’s beauty of the nature, Nusa Penida also has a variety of art that is closely related to local culture that is still natural and not contaminated by the modern world.

The committee said that there will be a lot of agenda in the 4 days event, that have been titled and differentiated, where for the first day agenda is quite solid with beginning with opening of festival, which will be held at Mahagiri Beach, Jungut Batu Village.

It will all be started with “giving some offering to the sea ceremony“ or upacara Larung known as Pekelem, for locals. This is essential to do for the balance of nature for all in His protection amid the current condition of Mount Agung.

Here are some highlight of the performances per day : 

On the first day, What not to be missed is the mass Rejang dance presented by 1,500 local dancers from Nusa Penida. Pakelem itself is indigenous for Nusa Penida, as a form of gratitude to the nature that has given life for the community and the island, while Sang Hyang dance performance will also be staged, representing Nusa Lembongan. This will be then followed by Baleganjur and live music performances.

For the second day, it will be more on lighter activities and local contest, which also surely be appealing for the tourists to watch, such as “pillow fight race”, “gala gala race”, “traditional custom fashion competition that is specific for tourists” and many others. By doing the competitions with the involvement of tourists, it is expected that this festival will be unforgettable for them, and act as an added value aside from enjoying the underwater tour and mangrove tour, the two main activities most tourist do in the island.

As for the third day will be more on the agenda of nature conservation, with beach clean-up activities, coral transplants and mangrove trees, to mini boat races. At the end of the event also held various competitions, and live music with Tika Pagraky and Aya Laras.

I Nyoman Suwirta, the regent of Klungkung stated that this annual event is a crucial to do. “Amid the lethargy of tourism today, the airport being shut and open alternately due to Mount Agung alert, it is unavoidable that these things affect the tourism, well this is where we have to promote more, that  Nusa Penida is still safe to visit, and Bali is indeed still safe in general.”

“The Nusa Penida Festival is not a party event, but is a form of promotion & campaign that Bali is still “safe” to visit.

However, since it is still in a condition of concern about disaster, related to the arrangement of the event he disclosed there is little change especially to the presence of national artist. “In order not to be too glamorous. Although itt will be no problem to invite national artists. Yet it will be better not to, for the sake of solidarity and empathy for those who are directly affected by the disaster, I Nyoman Suwirta added.”

According to the Regent, Nusa Penida Festival is not merely a promotional tourism event, but also act as real action and social movements that build some positive  awareness as the implementation of Gema Santi.  Some of the positive and constructive  activities are cleaning the beaches,  conservation of coral and mangrove, the two actions will be very useful to enhance the ecosystem in the island of Nusa Penida.

After entering the fourth year, Nusa Penida Festival increasingly empower the solidity of citizens in building the sustainability of tourism activities that have contributed greatly to the local economy. Certainly this festival will still be preserving the art of culture and environmental aspects. This event is believed will strengthen and stimulate the creativity and social life of the local community.

The committee will invite The Minister of Tourism of Indonesia, Bapak Arif Yahya to attend as a manifestation of national support in this event.


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